Listed below are our different product editions and the additional features they contain

Free Edition

Creating Knowledge

Share your knowledge in knowNow. Our editor can handle anything you throw at it: Youtube videos, images, links, just to name a few. Add your own personal experience, tips, templates and share away!


KnowNow search uses smart algorithms to help you find what you need. As well as looking at the title and body of an article it also searches any attached documents.


People that share knowledge on a subject often enough will automatically be seen as experts by knowNow. KnowNow enables you to find these experts when you need them.

Max. 20 users

Invite whoever you want to use your knowNow. There is no limit on the number of users, share your knowledge with everyone.

Auto Tagging

We know from experience it can be a dull task to tag your knowledge yourself so we made the Auto Tagger! It automatically recommends tags, just select the ones you want to use.

Google Search Plugin

The Google Search plugin shows knowNow results right next to your Google searches!


While using knowNow we use smart algorithms to analyze your reading habits. With this information we will recommend content  you will find interesting.

Standard Edition

Includes all the features listed above and:


Need to share knowledge with a limited group of people? Create a community! Now you can choose to share knowledge with the entire organization or just the community.

Unlimited Users

Invite whoever you want to use your knowNow. There is no limit on the number of users, share your knowledge with everyone.


Feel the need to go back in time? We can’t quite offer you that luxury but we can offer you revisions on all your knowledge items. Going back to an older versions in a few easy clicks.

Premium Edition

Includes all the features listed above and:

Authorisation Control

You decide who is in control. Create different roles and decide who gets to create knowledge and modify it.

Priority Support

If you get the Premium edition you will also get priority support. If you need help with anything we will be there for you <3.

Creating Standards

You can mark any knowledge as ‘standard’. This makes it easy for users to find the standards in your organization. You can authorize certain users to create and edit standards.

Enterprise Edition

Includes all the features listed above and:

Restrict access to company e-mail only

Make knowNow even more secure by restricting users to only be allowed to sign in with your company e-mail address.

API access

KnowNow has an extensive API. This makes it possible to create the perfect match between knowNow and your IT environment. For instance you can post the most recent articles on your company portal, automatically add new employees to knowNow or upload documents from Sharepoint when they’re done, without a single click!

Single Sign On

Logging in all the time is tedious. KnowNow can use existing login credentials to make sure your users never have to log in twice.

Reports and Analytics

Extensive reporting on how your knowNow environment is being used. How many knowledge is shared each day? Which users are most active? What is the average time users spend on knowNow? All this and more making sure you can monitor your knowNow effectively.


With the Enterprise edition you can customize the way knowNow looks. Making sure knowNow will match the style of your organization.